Plasma technology today is a key technology for tailored surfaces. Especially new technologies of Highly Ionised Pulse Plasma processes (HIPP processes) bear an enormous potential for manufacturing coatings with properties exceeding those of state of the art by far. Improvement will be available in the fields of Photovoltaics, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Tribology, Decoration, Displays, Tools, etc. Thus lifetime, reliability, fuel consumption, performance, and cost in the named applications can be improved significantly.

This COST Action contributes reducing green house gas emissions and enables European industry to stay worldwide competitive and to fulfil the Lisbon goals. Furthermore the Action strongly contributes to the Action Plan of the European Commission on Sustainable Industrial Policy and on Sustainable Consumption and Production released on 16 July 2008. In addition, this COST Action also help SMEs in creating new market opportunities for innovative plasma technologies to become a truly European success story like Laser technology. The European aggregate value added by surface technology can be estimated exceeding 100 Billion Euro per year by far. To improve the European leadership in plasma technology by a new high impact technology a coordinated European network on HIPP processes is mandatory.

2013/05/27 - 2013/05/30

COST HIPIMS supports the SYMPOSIUM S "Protective Coatings & Thin Films" of the EMRS 2013 Spring Meeting

Deadline for Abstract Submission 16th of January 2013

2013/06/12 – 2013/06/13

4th International Conference on Fundanentals and Applications of HIPIMS AND Final Event of COST Action MP0804, Braunschweig, DE

The MC of the Action MP0804 and the organizers of the HIPIMS conference decided to combine the 4th International HIPIMS Conference and the Final Event of the COST Action MP0804. The deadline for submission was therefore extended.

For Early Stage Researcher the Action offers per COST Country one free support for attending the Conference/Final Event. The support covers travel reimbursement according to COST rules (travel, hotel, meals, if applicable) – complementary the organizer of the HIPIMS conference will offer a fee waiver for each of the supported ESR. To apply an abstract for an active contribution (oral(poster) is mandatory. Paper submission for the conference proceedings is recommended (Special Issue of Surface and Coatings Technology).

Please send your application request for support to ralf.bandorf@ist.fraunhofer.de. After the submission deadline the supported ESR per COST country will be evaluated by the Management Committee of the Action. Feedback on support will be given early March.

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