Scientific Program and Innovation

Since the R&D results are gained in national and European projects the WGs will serve as a platform for discussion, exchange, and definition of new tasks and projects. Close interaction between the 5 WGs favours the rapid dissemination of results and fruitful dialogue between the various expert teams stimulates this inter-/multidisciplinary Action. These interactions also provide the means required for “problem solving”, since the diversity of expertises, experiences and talents of the members of HIPP processes are readily available to all participants.

The technological oriented tasks of HIPP plasma generation, characterisation and simulation will be evaluated within WG1, WG2, and WG3. These three WGs will serve as a technological and scientific basis for the dissemination of application oriented work within WG4 and WG5. All WGs will consist for the complete duration of the Action. No termination of one of the topics is obvious, whereas expansion of the technologies and demands regarding the processes is expected.

The topic of plasma generation will evolve and expand with additional modifications and new developments of HIPP processes. Starting with High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering HiPIMS, Modulated Pulse Power MPP, superimposed HiPIMS and MPP processes the field of HIPP processes is expected to extend further during the Action. All theses technological approaches will be focussed and discusses within WG1 dealing with the general technology for the generation of HIPP plasmas. Characterisation of the behaviour of the HIPP plasmas and processes will help gaining an understanding of the underlying physics (WG2). This knowledge will both influence the pulse generator development and lay a foundation for the theoretical description of the HIPP processes. Building theoretical models describing the HIPP processes will help to increase the understanding of physics and save experimental time due to focused process development. The evaluation of the models will be performed by experimental confirmation. The process development concerning the demands of industrial applications will be performed in WG4 and WG5. Basing on the gained knowledge within the scientific oriented tasks the development of industrial/application oriented solutions will be performed.

An annual conference will be organised involving all the scientists in the Action and both scientific and application oriented tasks. This conference will help the participants to keep up with all the research, ensure that cross fertilisation occurs between the various research areas and fields of attention and application, assesses key advances and fosters important new directions. This conference will coincide with the annual meeting of the MC.

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