WG5: Reactive HIPP processes

  • Application oriented process development using reactive sputtering (WG1, WG2, WG3)
  • Process stabilisation – conditions for hysteresis/hysteresis-free processes (WG2, WG3)

Beside the non-reactive HIPP processes (WG4) the addition of a reactive gas to the process will further extend the field of possible applications. For the reactive processes exchange on experience regarding the realization of hysteresis free processes as well as process stabilisation by reactive control will be one major topic. Possible solutions to be evaluated are control of the emission intensity, electrical parameters or the reactive gas partial pressure by external sources and feedback to process control. Possible applications are: Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs), as used e.g. in photovoltaic’s, optical filter systems, transparent scratch resistant coatings, Tool coatings, flat panel displays, etc. Therefore WG5 will provide basic reactive processes and process control to be adapted to industrial application for reactive deposition of HIPP coatings.

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