WG4: Non-reactive HIPP processes

  • Application oriented process development using inert gas/gas free sputtering (WG1, WG2, WG3)
  • Possibilities for enhanced deposition rate and tailoring of ion flux (WG2, WG3)

This WG will deal with the development of coatings for products for a broad variety of applications that use non-reactive HIPP processes i.e. metallic processes running in an inert gas atmosphere. Due to the high ion fraction in the process several new options for the coating evolve. When applying an electric field on the substrate the ionized particles will mainly impact perpendicular to the surface. Therefore trench filling or coating of vias becomes possible. Topics of flux guidance and possible solution for realisation will be discussed. Thus coating of the periphery can be reduced saving time for cleaning and improving the coating quality, since the plant stays clean for a longer period of time. Furthermore a more homogenous coating of complex surfaces by HIPP processes is possible. The realisation will be another topic for knowledge exchange. Possible applications to be discussed and improved are: electrical coatings, barrier coatings, electromagnetic shielding, tribological coatings, etc. Therefore WG4 will provide basic non-reactive processes to be adapted to industrial application for non-reactive deposition of HIPP coatings.

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