WG1: Generation of HIPP plasmas

  • Development of different technologies for generation of HIPP plasmas (WG2, WG3)
  • Behaviour and improvement of power generation for application oriented coatings (WG4, WG5)

Common to all highly ionised sputtering techniques is the use of high density plasma which is sustained between the source and the substrate. This is achieved in a number of different way, but typically by the application of high powers to a limited volume of the discharge. Using an average charging power in the range of typical PVD processes of a few kW to prevent melting or overheating of the target the power density and peak power in the pulses will exceed this average power by two or three orders of magnitude (up to a few MW) due to a typically low duty cycle. The major topic of this WG is the development, adaption, and improvement of new and existing generators for the generation of HIPP plasmas.

Different technologies for generation of highly ionized plasmas for improved coatings will be used, starting with novel power generators (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering HiPIMS: Melec, Huettinger; Modulated Pulse Power MPP: Zond) in different operation modes (unipolar, bipolar, superimposed) and identification and realisation of novel future developments for generation of HIPP plasmas (possible modifications evolving during the Action).

Film material development utilizing theses power generators will be performed (WG4, WG5) and feedback will result in improvement of the technology for the pulse generation. Therefore WG1 will provide improvement and new development of power supplies for the generation of HIPP plasmas.

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