Working Groups

The Goal of HIPP is to increase understanding of highly ionised pulse plasma processes and to translate this knowledge into the development of novel and improved power supplies and coating systems that will facilitate the production of products with superior properties for use in industrial, economic, and social applications. This goal will be archived through collaborations/interactions organized by the following 5 WGs associated with the respective objectives.

WG1: Generation of HIPP plasmas

  • Development of different technologies for generation of HIPP plasmas (WG2, WG3)
  • Behaviour and improvement of power generation for application oriented coatings (WG4, WG5)

WG2: Characterisation of HIPP plasmas and coatings

  • Plasma Characterisation – understanding of under laying physics (WG1, WG3)
  • Investigation of coating properties (WG1, WG3, WG4, WG5)

WG3: Simulation of HIPP processes

  • Simulation of plasma properties (WG1, WG2)
  • Simulation of HIPP processes (WG2, WG4, WG5)

WG4: Non-reactive HIPP processes

  • Application oriented process development using inert gas/gas free sputtering (WG1, WG2, WG3)
  • Possibilities for enhanced deposition rate and tailoring of ion flux (WG2, WG3)

WG5: Reactive HIPP processes

  • Application oriented process development using reactive sputtering (WG1, WG2, WG3)
  • Process stabilisation – conditions for hysteresis/hysteresis-free processes (WG2, WG3)
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